Magic Workshops

Ideal for holiday programs such as at shopping centres, school day cares, kids camps and resorts

child-amazed-at-tricky-trevor-magicIn my magic workshop, I present a hands-on class in which kids from 5 years and up have great fun learning easy-to-do magic tricks, which they will be able to take home and perform for their family and friends – it will be a blast for them!  For the 10-year-olds and up, the tricks are much more advanced to add that extra challenge for them.

A magic workshop can also be combined with a birthday party magic show to add in a little ‘creativity’ for the kids. This is especially good in the case where your child has an interest in magic / conjuring and it may be the very time and place that he or she begins with an amazing hobby!


My 8-yr-old son recently attended one of your shows and he cannot stop talking about how amazing and entertaining it was. You made such an impression on him that he is now doing his own "magic" tricks. You must be commended for your professionalism and ability to relate to kids of all ages! I highly recommend your services and it's always a pleasure to work with you. Looking forward to the next show!


magic-workshop-for-kids-by-childrens-entertainer-tricky-trevorI have two different Magic Workshops for children, each running for 60 minutes.  They use everyday objects which I provide, but generally, you can find them around the home or office.

In these workshops, children learn how to perform magic tricks and then they actually stand up in front of an audience. Along with the great fun they have, they also begin to develop self-confidence and that wonderful sense of accomplishment.



Not only that, these workshops also help with:

  • Hand-to-eye coordination – They will learn simple, easy-to-do tricks, but coordination is very important in making a trick look like real magic.  As they progress, they will become better at hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Improved self-esteem – Magic is a wonderful way to help kids really believe in themselves and to start doing this at an early age!
  • Develop speaking skills – Most people’s biggest fear is standing up in front of an audience. Throughout life, there will be times when one needs to stand up and speak in front of people, and here is a safe place to start learning those skills.
  • Inspiring creativity and imagination – A hands-on workshop is the ideal thing to get kids away from those computer screens and get them thinking and tinkering!
  • Encouraging them to work together with people – This has to be one of the most important life skills to learn.  Right here in the workshop, we work together and encourage each other, so team building is even woven into the process.

I encourage parents to join in with their kids.  This can be a special time to connect with your children and work with them in a project that is meaningful and fulfilling.  It will be a time of bonding. Your child will always look back at the times of working together with Mom or Dad or glancing at them from the stage for encouragement.

The children will learn these tricks and more:

  • Make a large object pass through a small hole.
  • Make objects disappear or reappear.
  • Know what a selected card is.
  • Learn what a transposition is.
  • Make an object move by itself.



This first video (left) contains a personal interaction with Trevor and how he can make your party the most special one ever.
The second video (below) is a short clip from a larger school show and will give you a feel for the vibe and atmosphere created by his fabulous Magic shows.

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