Strolling Close-up Magic

There are times when a Walk-About Magician is more conducive to a particular party than a ‘stand-up’ show.

strolling-magic-by-trevorThis is where the use of a comedy 'walk-about' magician can be real dynamite for your party!

Have Tricky Trevor at your event, for ‘stress free’ entertainment and guaranteed that from the moment I arrive, you can relax and enjoy every moment of the party.

Imagine a red hanky disappearing to nowhere or a raccoon appearing from somewhere. 

Imagine a handful of plain white papers changing into genuine R100.00 bank notes simply with the flick of the wrist and in the blink of an eye – literally!

What if I wave my hand over your sleeve and smoke appears amidst the gasp and laughter of your guests?!

Then suddenly your personally signed card is found to be stuck to the ceiling!

This and so much more could happen at your next event when Trevor entertains amongst your guests. All are woven into a very comical, entertaining and truly mind-blowing magical experience!




While the photographs are being taken, there is always that hour or two of free time and I will walk about amongst the guests, breaking the ice. Soon everyone will be laughing and having even more fun!  They won’t even notice if the photos take longer than expected.

No introduction or special arrangements will be necessary.  My job is to look after your guests and keep them entertained.  They will talk about your wedding for years to come!

Trevor suddenly appeared at our group and all kinds of unexpected things happened.  Wow, it was such fun!




adult-volunteer-in-tricky-trevor-strolling-magicImagine a cool illusionist mingling around amongst the guests, keeping them on their toes!  I will have them laughing and those who don’t know each other will soon be connecting and enjoying the party even more.  They will talk about it for a long time!

Whatever type of event you’re organising – a dinner party, family braai, company family day, special anniversary or birthday celebration – let me help you to make sure it is the success you are hoping for.  

Having you there really helped the event to run smoothly.  In between speeches or meal courses, it gave the whole event a much better atmosphere.




An experienced Close-up Magician will help your exhibit to stand apart and achieve better results, plus get a real return on investment.

Corporate Trade Show Magic is a proven promotional strategy that enables you to generate more attention from passersby.  This type of entertainment will reach out to delegates and create sales opportunities that may otherwise be missed.

Each presentation is designed to connect with a group of people, drawing them in for a fascinating experience and ending with a message about your product, service or company, which is tactfully woven in to the trick.

Please call to arrange a meeting with me and I will speak about and demonstrate the effectiveness of having such entertainment.

My memorable presentations are real crowd-pleasers. Get Tricky Trevor and maximise returns on your next exhibition!




This first video (left) contains a personal interaction with Trevor and how he can make your party the most special one ever.
The second video (below) is a short clip from a larger school show and will give you a feel for the vibe and atmosphere created by his fabulous Magic shows.

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